Terms and Conditions for housing providers

It is a condition of using Housing for students at RMIT that you accept the following conditions.

You acknowledge that:

  1. RMIT staff members may not register as a housing provider and must not list properties in Housing for students at RMIT.
    • Where an RMIT staff member is also an RMIT student, status as a staff member means that you cannot be registered as a housing provider.
    • Current RMIT students may register as a housing provider
  2. You must make your own assessment of a student's character, financial means and/or suitability as a tenant.
  3. Any lease arrangement negotiated between you and an RMIT student is the responsibility of the parties involved.
  4. RMIT University reserves the right not to list housing for any reason at its absolute discretion. You are responsible for ensuring that your listing on Housing for students at RMIT is complete and accurate and complies with any relevant laws. RMIT reserves the right at any time to:
    • refuse to list any property considered unsuitable for students
    • refuse entry of a listing into the system in the event of a serious prior complaint regarding the suitability of specific housing and/or practices undertaken by the housing provider
    • take any action deemed necessary in relation to a listing which is the subject of a complaint and/or which may contravene the law or these terms and conditions
  5. RMIT University makes no guarantees about the number of hits to Housing for students at RMIT nor does it guarantee that a housing provider will find tenants as a result of using Housing for students at RMIT to advertise their vacancy.
  6. RMIT University does not guarantee the availability of Housing for students at RMIT or that access to Housing for students at RMIT will be free of defects, viruses or errors.
  7. You are responsible for managing the content you submit to Housing for students at RMIT.
  8. A listing will be displayed on the website for a defined period only (ordinarily 14 days), after which time it will be removed from publication. If you wish to continue advertising your vacancy on the system after this period, it is your responsibility to reactivate the listing.
  9. Personal information that has been collected about you as part of this process will be dealt with in accordance with the University's Privacy policy.

Please also refer to important information for providers.